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SiriusXM Knows Vape Shop Music

Our Music's Just Good Business

Is your vape shop edgy, sophisticated, or high tech? With the competition in the vape space increasing daily, it is important to make your brand identity known to all that walk through your door. You’ve invested in the outdoor signage, inside decor, and inventory. Now it’s time to put music to work for you with SiriusXM Music for Business. With genres ranging from hard rock to soothing spa, SiriusXM Business music will make an instant impression on your customers that will smoke your competition.
200+ Channels

200+ Channels

Choose from over 200 music channels spanning 12 genres crafted by the experts at SiriusXM.
Family Friendly Lyrics

Family Friendly Lyrics

All of our business channels are family friendly with no explicit content or suggestive lyrics.
No Interruptions

All Music. No Interruptions.

Every business channel is programmed free of DJs, commercial interruptions and station IDs.

Licensed and Legal

If you play music in your business it has to be licensed. Rest easy, with SiriusXM business all of your licensing is covered.
Central Management

App Control

Change channels and control your speaker(s) from the intuitive Sonos smartphone app.

Wireless Speakers

Stream your music in your business over any of your wireless Sonos speakers.

SiriusXM Music for Vape & Smoke Shops

Licensing Under Control

Let’s start with licensing. We often hear from smoke and vape shops that are concerned about playing any background music because of licensing concerns. And it’s true. Any music played in a commercial setting must be appropriately licensed or else fines and fees might be levied against the business. The good news is that SiriusXM Music for Business includes all of the required licensing in the low monthly cost. Consumer services like Pandora, Spotify, and even SiriusXM consumer subscriptions are illegal to use in a business. That is why SiriusXM makes a business service that includes specific content, programming, and channels designed just for business. SiriusXM Business service takes the licensing worry off the table for good.

Keeping Patrons Interested

When your customers enter the shop, you want them to feel at home. One important way to do this is by playing music they like. By keeping your patrons entertained, they'll spend more time in the shop. The more time your customers spend in the shop, the more time you have to show them the latest accessories and newest flavors. A quiet vape shop is bad for sales. Keep customers interested with great music from the legal and licensed service from SiriusXM Business.

No Interruptions to the Mood

SiriusXM has no commercials or interruptions like FM radio. Customers notice when businesses have standard radio playing because the commercials blare out across the speakers. These frustrating sounds actually interrupt the shopping environment and remind people that time is passing. You might even hear a commercial from your competitor! SiriusXM Business radio has absolutely no commercials because you're paying for a professionally created music channel. Your customers will simply hear song after song, which makes the time stand still in their minds. They'll continue shopping as a result of their comfort with the music.

Recommended Vape Shop Music Channels


The Joint

What You'll Hear
Reggae music from its roots to today.
Dance & Electronic

Modern Dance Hits

What You'll Hear
Today's biggest dance hits and remixes.
Dance & Electronic

Smooth Electronic

What You'll Hear
Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.


What You'll Hear
'80s -2000s Pop Music

Road Trip Radio

What You'll Hear
Music that makes you wanna drive!
View All Channels

Setting the Mood

When a customer walks into your shop, they begin translating environmental queues like lighting, product displays, and music into an emotional response to your business. It is critical that you pick a music channel that aligns with your brand identity. With SiriusXM Business, you have over 100 channels to choose from across dozens of genres.Hipster vape shops might rock some chill indie content on SiriusXM, while the hardcore shops might lead toward the hard rock jammed on SiriusXM Octane.

Additional Benefits

Music On Hold For Your Callers

As your music flows over your business speakers, it can also connect to your phone system for no extra charge. This means when you put a customer on hold, they will experience your brand by the music they hear. You may have customers calling the shop with certain questions. However, you're with a customer at the counter. If a returning customer is calling the shop, they'll be reminded of their positive time during a previous shopping session. You're taking care of your customers on multiple platforms with continuous music leading the way.

Arrange and control your music as you desire when you work with professionals to install your system. SiriusXM music for business offers more than 100 channels for your convenience. Keep your clientele in mind as you choose music genres before opening the front doors. From the moment that they step in the door, customers will groove to the beat and explore your inventory with ease.

Energize Your Staff

No one listens to your music longer than your own staff. Entertain and energize your employees by giving them the gift of SiriusXM. Don't let them listen to an ordinary, repetitive background music mix all day every day.
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