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SiriusXM Knows Restaurant Music

Our Music's Just Good Business

It’s astonishingly difficult to play background music in a restaurant without help. You need to buy music, set up your hardware, and pay licensing fees to multiple organizations. Who has time for all of that? Let someone else do the hard work for you. When you subscribe with SiriusXM, you pay a low monthly fee in exchange for 100+ channels of high quality music. It’s all licensed, screened, and ready to go. SiriusXM music for business is affordable and easy to use. You can set it up in minutes without any headaches. It’s an incredible way to provide music for your restaurant.
200+ Channels

200+ Channels

Choose from over 200 music channels spanning 12 genres crafted by the experts at SiriusXM.
Family Friendly Lyrics

Family Friendly Lyrics

All of our business channels are family friendly with no explicit content or suggestive lyrics.
No Interruptions

All Music. No Interruptions.

Every business channel is programmed free of DJs, commercial interruptions and station IDs.

Licensed and Legal

If you play music in your business it has to be licensed. Rest easy, with this SiriusXM business music provider all of your licensing is covered.
Central Management

App Control

Change channels and control your speaker(s) from the intuitive Sonos smartphone app.

Wireless Speakers

Stream your music in your business over any of your wireless Sonos speakers.

SiriusXM Music for Your Restaurant

Music You Can Afford

Music trends are always changing. If you choose to purchase a music collection for your restaurant, you have to work hard to keep up with the newest hit songs. It’s expensive, time consuming, and a hassle you probably don’t want to deal with. With SiriusXM, you pay a single monthly fee. It’s much more affordable than paying for many songs each month and you get the best programmers in the country programming music for your restaurant. When you consider the savings over the course of a few years, it adds up to a meaningful amount of money.

Your Favorite Sounds

FM radio is a drag, and it’s illegal to use in your restaurant. A few decades ago, most terrestrial radio stations were purchased by major media companies and turned into generic top 40 stations. Worst of all is that FM radio will play your competitors commercials to your customers. Without a variety of music genres to choose from, businesses have lost the ability to give their customers the best experience. You’ll be blown away by the massive selection on the SiriusXM service, with more than 100 stations to choose from. You can select music based on personal taste, business style, or anything else.

Simple Setup

It’s easy to set up SiriusXM for your restaurant. The SiriusXM hardware connects to your wireless internet connection for an uninterrupted music experience. Installation only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. Do you need on-hold music or other custom features? With SiriusXM music for business, you can set your system just the way you like it. Pick up the phone to talk to a company representative and you can work together to find the right setup for you.

Music to Your Ears

SiriusXM has a 26-year history in the music industry. They’ve been around for the recording industry boom of the 90’s, the crash in the 2000’s, and the more recent revival in the 2010’s. Throughout all of the ups and downs, SiriusXM has maintained its status as a respected and trustworthy music company. You don’t need to spend another day worrying about your music. SiriusXM is the service that can solve your problems. Give your customers the music experience they deserve with SiriusXM.

Recommended Restaurant Music Channels



What You'll Hear
Singer-songwriters and rare acoustic versions of songs.

Pop Mix Modern

What You'll Hear
Pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today.

Pop Mix Bright

What You'll Hear
Contemporary light songs from the brightest stars in pop music.

Mellow Rock

What You'll Hear
Mellow classic rock and '70s folk rock.
Dance & Electronic

Smooth Electronic

What You'll Hear
Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.

Smooth Jazz

What You'll Hear
Smooth and cool — a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.

Classic Jazz

What You'll Hear
The classic sounds and styles of jazz masters, past and present.


What You'll Hear
Reimagined Pop & Rock Classics
View All Channels

Use Music Tempo
to Your Advantage

Research has shown that playing faster tempo music during lunch will increase table turns, while slowing the music down at night will slow down your customers, driving up bar sales and increasing your average ticket.

SiriusXM provides an affordable way to entertain your guests while they enjoy your great food.

Benefits of Music in Your Restaurant

Increase Table Turns with Faster Tempo

What if you could increase table turns by 20% by simply increasing the tempo of your background music? Well you can! Research and practice have shown that faster tempo modern background music for restaurants increases both table turns and service speed.

Increase Bar Sales with Slower Tempo Music

Just as faster tempo music speeds everything up, slower tempo music slows everything down. A relaxing environment created by the slower tempo music is great for bar sales. The slower tempo causes patrons to sit longer and drink more, driving up the average ticket.

Turn up the Volume to Turn up the Profits

Volume can be used to increase or decrease service speed, dining rate, and patron throughput. Researchers found louder music to be associated with increased sales while lower volume slows down the dining experience and keeps patrons in your restaurant longer.

Increase Referrals with the Right Music

Your branding concept is your restaurant's identity and is what makes it unique. Believe it or not, music can be as important as your decoration, signage and in some cases how you present the food. When music is properly aligned with concept, consumers show stronger purchase behavior, visit frequency, and an inclination to provide referrals to friends, family, and acquaintances.
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