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Our Music's Just Good Business

You’re in a competitive market, and you want to stand out to succeed. Beyond communicating your eyesight expertise, you want to provide an experience that is comfortable and reassuring to your customers. SiriusXM Music for Business provides energy and warmth to your location, so your guests can sense that you relate well to them. Consider the benefits SiriusXM Music for Business can bring to your optometry office today.
200+ Channels

200+ Channels

Choose from over 200 music channels spanning 12 genres crafted by the experts at SiriusXM.
Family Friendly Lyrics

Family Friendly Lyrics

All of our business channels are family friendly with no explicit content or suggestive lyrics.
No Interruptions

All Music. No Interruptions.

Every business channel is programmed free of DJs, commercial interruptions and station IDs.

No Contracts

Optometrists are running a business, and will value the freedom of no minimum contract length.
Central Management

App Control

Change channels and control your speaker(s) from the intuitive Sonos smartphone app.

Wireless Speakers

Stream your music in your business over any of your wireless Sonos speakers.

SiriusXM Music for Optometry Offices

Servicing the Very Young

SiriusXM-exclusive channels like Kids Bop Radio and Kids Place Live contain age-appropriate songs that get the kids singing and dancing. The more the children can be entertained with the music, the more relaxed and prepared they will be for their visit. Use SiriusXM Business music to convert your optometry office into a kid-friendly place that your young patients will love.

Dark-Room Distractions

During a standard visit, your patients will be often be placed in an examination room that's dimly lit. Optometry is unlike any other practice because patients need to be comfortable and relaxed to get a proper examination. By using SiriusXM as your optometry office music, the dark room won’t seem as intimidating as before. Choose soothing sounds that conjure up relaxing thoughts. Experiment with different channels and genres to and discover the sounds that support the best patient experience possible.

Shopping Entertainment

You want your patients to find frames and glasses that fit their style. Because specs become an intricate part of their daily look, this shopping time is often an extended period. By turning on SiriusXM Music for Business, you give the customers a fun beat to shop by. They might tap their toes and bounce their head to the songs as they try on glasses.

Getting the Employees Involved

Aside from using music to keep employees entertained throughout the day, music has also been proven to enhance productivity. Research suggests that the music's rhythm puts a beat into the employees' movements. Music is also a mood-boosting tool. Songs that remind workers of a good time will cause them to smile and reflect their happiness in their treatment of others. Your patients benefit from these good feelings and a regular rhythm moving through the office.

Recommended Optometry Music Channels



What You'll Hear
Singer-songwriters and rare acoustic versions of songs.

Pop Mix Modern

What You'll Hear
Pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today.

Pop Mix Bright

What You'll Hear
Contemporary light songs from the brightest stars in pop music.

Mellow Rock

What You'll Hear
Mellow classic rock and '70s folk rock.

Classic Jazz

What You'll Hear
The classic sounds and styles of jazz masters, past and present.


What You'll Hear
Reimagined Pop & Rock Classics
View All Channels

Calming Those Nerves

For some patients, visiting and shopping at the optometry office is stressful. As their optical caregiver, relax their minds and bodies with music over the speakers. SiriusXM Music for Business is entirely commercial free, clear to the ear and appropriate for every age. As the music fills the room, you'll see the stress leave patients' faces as they decide on the best glasses for their style. They'll remember this calm feeling as they return for another evaluation in a few months.

Benefits of Music in Your Optometry Office

Reduce Your Patient's Perceived Wait Time

Although your optometry office works hard to maintain a strict schedule, backups can occur. The beauty of SiriusXM business music is the constant supply of good music. There are no commercials or announcements that make the time drag on. The music simply flows, keeping your patients entertained and energized as they wait for their appointment.

Energize Your Staff

No one listens to your music longer than your own staff. Entertain and energize your employees by giving them the gift of SiriusXM. Don't let them listen to an ordinary, repetitive background music mix all day every day.

Perfect for Use In:

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Reception Area
  • Exam Rooms
  • Employee Break Rooms
  • Lavatories
  • And More!
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