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  • 105 channels of SiriusXM music
  • Commercial-free playlists curated for business
  • Licensed and legal for use in business
  • No long-term contracts. Start listening today!
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Music by SiriusXM. Sound by SONOS.

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SiriusXM Music for Business Over Sonos

The hugely popular SiriusXM Music for Business service is now available on Sonos. Enjoy over 100 SiriusXM channels including commercial-free playlists made just for business. If you already have a SONOS system, you can activate SiriusXM Music for Business in minutes.
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Wireless Speakers for Your Business

Need an audio system for your business? With Sonos you can get high-fidelity sound without running a single wire. Place your Sonos speakers wherever you need music. Connect to your WiFi network and the app will walk you through setup. It’s that easy.

Full Control with the Sonos App

One simple app lets you control everything – from songs to volume to rooms. Play a different song in the lobby, breakroom, even bathrooms, or the same track in every area of your business. See below to learn how to add SiriusXM to your Sonos App.
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100% Licensed for Business Use

The music industry requires that any music playing inside a business must be licensed. We save you both time and money by paying all royalty fees including ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Perfect for use in:
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Offices
  • Healthcare
  • Franchises
  • Retail Stores
  • Banks
  • And More!

Add SiriusXM Business to Your Sonos App

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Open the Sonos app and click the menu button


Select “+ Add Music Services”


Choose SiriusXM from the list


Click the “Add To Sonos” button


Login to your SiriusXM account

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100+ Channels of Awesome SiriusXM Music

Engage and Energize Your Customers

Alt Nation
Classic Vinyl
Dance & Electronic
80's on 8
The Blend
Pop Hits
SiriusXM Hits
Hip-Hop & R&B
Radio Margaritaville
Classic Rewind
The Coffee House

National Installation Service

White Glove Technical Support

We support your business like it’s our business. We have a customer care team that answers the phone when you call. We have a project management team that can dispatch a technician to your location, wherever you are. We have a network of over 8,000 technicians that service our clients in every zip code in the United States.